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The Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI) is a collaborative project led by SmartGrowth and the NZ Transport Agency and involves Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Tauranga City Council, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, iwi, and community leaders.

Together, we have committed to developing a refreshed, coordinated and aligned approach to key issues across the sub-region – such as housing, transport and urban development.

UFTI is focussed on supporting liveable community outcomes – finding answers for housing capacity, intensification, multi-modal transport (such as public transport and cycleways) and network capacity.

The western Bay of Plenty is one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand and this growth is set to continue for the next 30 years. While this growth is positive for our local economy and delivers diverse social and cultural benefits, the challenge is to make sure urban development and transport infrastructure meets the needs of our local communities.

In December 2019 UFTI released its Interim Report, presenting four possible concepts for the future of the Western Bay of Plenty. The video below outlines the four concepts currently under consideration and provides an insight into what is being visualised for how people will live, work, play, learn and move in the sub-region over the next 50-100 years.

Transforming communities
as a unified sub-region

UFTI brings together more than 24 plans and projects for the western Bay of Plenty and takes us forward as a unified sub-region. While UFTI has a long-term focus, the project will also work to address acute issues.

UFTI builds on the works of previous plans such as the Tauranga Transport Plan, Tauranga Urban Strategy and the Future Development Strategy and aligns with both the Government Policy Statement and the Government’s Urban Growth Agenda – which support the delivery of successful and highly liveable communities.

The western Bay of Plenty is a great place to live, learn, work and play. With bold leadership, we are committed to addressing the common transport and urban development challenges shared by communities and developing long-term sustainable solutions that will ensure the future success of our sub-region.

UFTI aims to create a better quality of living for residents across the western Bay.

Better connections, easier access to work and leisure activities, and greater economic and social wellbeing.

UFTI aims to deliver an integrated, strategic and shared funding programme, with immediate and future priorities and investment opportunities in urban form, transport, and other connected areas such as education and health.

Strategy development and planning is underway. An interim report is expected to be released in December and a final report by May 2020.

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Technical reports

A number of key research reports will be developed as part of UFTI. Each of these ‘technical reports’ will form part of the evidence base for the UFTI Programme.

Latest reports

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