Below is an overview of the key milestones for the UFTI programme of work. Reports will be published here as soon as they are released and through our UFTI newsletter.

Final Report released

April 2020

Final Report to be released

The Final Report for UFTI is published for consideration by SmartGrowth partners.

Interim Report released

20 December 2019

Interim Report completed

UFTI’s Interim Report presents four possible land use and transport concepts for the future of the Western Bay of Plenty, with an opportunity for informal feedback. The Interim Report is a key milestone for the UFTI project as we work towards the release of a Final Report – and a preferred future plan for the sub-region – in April 2020.

Download full report (9MB)

Multi Criteria Assessment analysis

UFTI’s Multi Criteria Assessment (MCA) analysis sets out all of the nine programmes we have considered, and the expert analysis of those programmes against investment objectives and other assessment criteria used by the NZ Transport Agency and Treasury.

Download full analysis (150KB)

Technical Reports published

October – December 2019

Technical Reports published

A number of key research reports are developed that will form part of the supporting documentation for the UFTI programme.

Informing UFTI: A summary of economic information for the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region

In October 2019 UFTI released its first technical report about the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region’s economy and its key drivers.

Download full report (773KB)

Targeted Community Insight report

This technical report summarises the findings from more than 30 community engagement processes completed by the partner councils and the NZ Transport Agency, primarily in the last three years.

Download full report (1.9MB)

Phase 1 – Eastern Corridor Report

This report, prepared by SmartGrowth, aims to identify whether there is a need for an additional urban growth area in the Eastern Corridor of the western Bay of Plenty. This report also includes a preliminary assessment of the Eastern Corridor as a potential future urban growth area against the objectives of the 2013 SmartGrowth Strategy.

Download full report (972KB)

Draft Foundation Report

August 2019

Draft Foundation Report completed

In August 2019 the UFTI project team achieved its first milestone, completing the Draft Foundation Report. This Foundation Report is our case for change and is an important step in our journey as we look to re-imagine and shape what our sub-region can be in the future.

Download full report (14.9MB)